Team Leader


The role of a Team Leader is to clean and supervise the cleaning of all homes assigned to your team each day. Team Leaders should model excellent customer service, cleaning techniques, quality assurance, and time management. Team Leaders must also instruct new team members in matters of company policy and protocols.


  • Build a strong team to provide the best possible service
  • Coach and develop your team members to be future Team Leaders
  • Provide onsite supervision to your cleaning partners, and be a useful resource when questions arise.


  1. Communicate with clients on behalf of your team and the company; Liaise between customer and company
  2. Complete all required processes and submit all required documents for your team
  3. Assign work areas and tasks to cleaning partners as required
  4. Navigate to and from customer homes
  5. Maintain proper mileage and time logs for your team, ensuring team stays on schedule
  6. Clean and supervise the cleaning of all homes assigned to your team each day, ensuring all tasks are completed at each location
  7. Capture before and after photos of each home your team is assigned
  8. Walk worksite at the completion of each cleaning job and complete a QA checklist and leave for clients in their home. Submit a digital copy to the office.
  9. Manage keys and files while in your possession, ensuring no loss of keys and client information.
  10. Track and maintain company equipment and supplies used by your team
  11. Possess an understanding of important company policies and be able to effectively communicate those policies to clients and cleaning partners
  12. Motivation, supervision, and leadership of cleaning partners
  13. Coach team members on proper cleaning techniques, procedures and tool use
  14. Ensure your cleaning partners are properly dressed and equipped for work each day
  15. Ensure your cleaning partners complete required tasks such as checking into and out of jobs, clocking in and out of work, taking breaks, etc.
  16. Coordinate break times for your team
  17. Timely completion of performance and merit reviews on cleaning partners
  18. Update customer files and/or check out sheets with appropriate and updated information (location of key, animal names, etc)
  19. Complete recleanings for jobs on which you were the team leader (when only one cleaner is required)
  20. Ensure that periodic tasks are performed in customers’ homes as required
  21. Notify office immediately regarding any problems entering home
  22. Notify office immediately and leave a note for the client regarding any problems that arise while cleaning the home (i.e. broken item, loose faucet, etc)

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