Preparing for Your Cleaning Appointment

Review Cleaning Checklist: If you haven’t already, please review the cleaning checklist for the service you scheduled. Checklists for standard, deep, and move in/out cleanings can be found on the “Packages” page on this website.

Review Our Cleaning Services Agreement: If you haven’t already, please review our Cleaning Services Agreement on our website to familiarize yourself with our policies.

Tidy Up: Pick up clothes and personal belongings that may be lying around so your cleaners can spend less time organizing and tidying up, and more time cleaning. Picking up these items will also decrease the chances that they will be misplaced during cleaning.

Pull Out Large Furniture and Appliances: If you would like your cleaners to clean behind and/or under any piece of furniture or appliance that weighs over 20 pounds, please move the item to make the areas you would like to be cleaned accessible.

Secure Your Valuables and Important Belongings: To protect your peace of mind, we encourage you to secure items such as cash, jewelry, small electronics, medications, and important documents before your cleaners arrive.

Secure Your Pets: If your pets are likely to run out of an open door, or if they don’t handle unfamiliar people well, please secure them before your cleaners arrive.

Run the Self-Cleaning Process on Your Oven: If you ordered the oven cleaning add-on, or if you ordered a move in/out cleaning, please run the self-cleaning process on your oven.

Discard Expired and Unwanted Food in Your Refrigerator: If you ordered the refrigerator cleaning add-on, or if you ordered a move in/out cleaning, please throw away any expired or unwanted food in your refrigerator.

Arrange Access to Your Home: If you will be absent during your cleaning, please ensure your cleaners can access your home with a key, a code, or by having someone else let them in. If you will be present during the cleaning, please make sure you are available to let your cleaners in when they arrive. If special instructions are required to access your home, please let us know before your cleaning appointment.

Quality Assurance Visit: A Baltimore Home Cleaning manager may visit your home during or after your house cleaning appointment.

Questions? We’re here to help.