Who doesn’t like a fresh and clean-smelling home? The scent of a cool breeze wafting through your doors with a refreshing and soothing smell is all you need to relax after a tiring day.

Though there are many store-bought items you can use to refresh indoor air, there’s nothing like using natural products to get your home smelling clean and feeling vibrant. Using products with natural ingredients is also more beneficial because artificial ones can be detrimental to your health.

Here are a few useful hacks to keep your home smelling fresh throughout the day.

  1. Arrange your favorite potpourri: The most widely used home décor product is potpourri. It not only provides a lovely decoration, but also provides a sweet fragrance to the entire room. Make your own by using dry flowers or buy one from the nearest shop and spray a few drops of your favorite essential oil in it. The sweet smell drifting from it will fill the room with a lingering fragrance.
  2. Bring in fresh indoor plants: If you enjoy the smell of plants like mint, lavender and honeysuckle, make it a part of your interior décor. Because they can serve as natural air filters, plants do double duty by providing a good fragrance to your home as well as improving the quality of your air.
  3. Use fresh flowers: Not only are flowers a beautiful decoration, but they also add a fresh smell to whichever room they’re in. Place some fresh flowers in a vase on the coffee table or in a bowl filled with water. This is a simple and effective way to uplift the mood in any room.
  4. Simmer some spices: Put a few of your favorite spices in a pot of boiling water and let the mixture simmer for about  10 -15 minutes. You can also add a few drops of essential oil into the water and let them simmer. This fills the entire home with a sweet aroma.
  5. Create essential oil balls: Add few drops of essential oil, such as lavender or vanilla to a cotton ball and place it under your pillow, inside a cupboard or in the bathroom. This provides a refreshing smell for the entire room.
  6. Bake something sweet: Baking your favorite sweet treat can fill your house with a mouthwatering aroma. As a bonus, this is the best way to freshen up your house before a guest arrives. Who doesn’t love walking into a home that smells like fresh-baked cookies?
  7. Make your own air freshener: There are different ways to make a DIY air freshener. One way is to combine equal amounts of water and alcohol and add around 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Shake the mixture thoroughly and spray it all over the room.

Beyond using these tips, you should make sure the air in your home is clean and pure. To do this, leave the windows open for at least a few hours each day to bring in fresh air and remove the unsanitary air. Doing so not only refreshes your home, but is also beneficial to your immune system.