The majority of us do not pay much attention when it comes to buying cleaning products. We either lean towards using well-known brands or products recommended by friends. Once there are children in the house, however, everything changes. In terms of home cleaning, the safety and health of kids become your primary concern once they come into the picture and we should seek children-friendly cleaning products. The cold hard truth is that the ingredients in most cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation to kids when not used properly.

When using commercial cleaning products, health issues are likely to occur if:

  • kids inhale undiluted cleaning products for a long period of time
  • kids ingest the product by putting their hand in the mouth after touching a recently cleaned surface

Here is what you can do:

When buying cleaning products for your home, look for products that are marked “non-toxic” and “environment-friendly”. Such products are less likely to cause health concerns for your kids. Try to avoid products that contain the following ingredients:

  • Bleach
  • Phosphates
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Glycol ethers

Here are some more tips for selecting products:

Reduce using antibacterial soap: Though antibacterial soaps are widely promoted especially among children, it is not advisable to use them on a regular basis. Regular use of such soaps can build antibiotic resistance amongst kids. Moreover, these soaps even contain harmful chemicals, which are not suitable for children.

Use products that are less fragrant: If a cleaning product has a harsh smell, that means it will definitely contain harsh chemicals. Go for products that are less fragrant or even “unscented”.

Dilute all cleaning products: The right way to use the cleaning products is by diluting them. This will reduce the severity of the product and make it less likely to cause irritation and allergies to kids.

Provide good air circulation: While cleaning your home, make sure that you leave all the windows open. Good ventilation will increase air circulation inside the room to reduce the effects of the cleaning products.

Store cleaning products in safe place: All cleaning products come with the storage instruction “keep out of reach of children.” Make sure that you store the products in a place inaccessible to children. This way you reduce the chance of them getting exposed to harmful chemicals. Also, make sure that the bottle has child resistant cap so that they are not able to open it.

If you have kids at home and are concerned about their health, the best option is to make your own DIY cleaning products. There are various tutorials available online that help you come up with your own recipes. If you are short of time to make your own cleaning products, you can even try organic cleaning products as they are less likely to cause health issues for your kids.