The flu season has hit us and hit us hard. It spreads so fast that our other family members get sick within a matter of few days. If your kid brings the flu from school, there is a greater chance that you will get it too within the next few days. However, cleaning your house after the flu has made its way in plays a major role in controlling the spread of the virus.

Using these specific cleaning techniques can keep the virus from spreading.

Out with the old and in with the new: bring fresh air into the home

Once the flu season is over (and let’s hope that is soon), open the doors and windows to bring in some fresh air. Change the curtain, if possible, and clean the blinds. It also provides you with the much-needed Vitamin D.

Disinfect surfaces

You can either use conventional cleaners or white vinegar to disinfect countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms. If you decide to take the “green cleaning” route, which we recommend, then mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray on all surfaces followed by a good wipedown. A good alternative would be to use disinfectant wipes on those surfaces.

Wash the linen

Once the flu season is over, throw the bedspread, pillow covers and all towels inside the washing machine. Remember to set the temperature high while washing to kill germs. It is also a good idea to air out the mattress.

Wash the toys

If you have small children at home, you should definitely wash and disinfect toys. After all, you do not want to spread the virus to his/her sibling or friends. When washing soft toys like stuffed animals, remember to refer to the instructions for washing those.

Thoroughly clean the bathroom

The bathroom sink will be a hotbed for germs once the flu season is over. Spray disinfectant all over the sink and clean it thoroughly. Even toothbrushes should be cleaned if not replaced altogether. If you use a hand towel, remember to toss it in the washing machine.

Don’t neglect light switches & door handles

The main point of contact for all family members are light switches and door handles. You’ll definitely want to disinfect those. Other surfaces that are likely to get infected are cell phones, laptops, and remotes for the television. Wipe them down too with either white vinegar or a disinfectant wipe.

Clean the kitchen

When you are sick, you probably spend more time in bed than the kitchen, but there is always a chance that this common area will also get infected. Clean the fridge handle, drawer handles, and faucet with white vinegar.

Washing the clothes

When washing clothes, remember to take the clothes of the person with the flu and make a load of their own. Mixing their clothes with others’ will increase the chances of the virus to spread. Keep the clothes separately in a laundry bag along with their used towels and wash them all at once.

When you are down with flu, you should be very careful when throwing used tissues away because they hold most of your germs. Place the used tissues in an empty tissue box and throw it away. If you use essential oils, it would be wise to use a diffuser to let out lavender or lemon oil to freshen up the house.