You’ve just moved into your first home with your spouse and children, and you’re so excited to make this new house a home. You’ve got the décor, the appliances, the furniture, but you aren’t sure which cleaning supplies you need. Though a mop and broom are common in all households, there are several other cleaning supplies that make cleaning your home easier. Here’s a look at the gadgets that can make cleaning up not only more effective, but enjoyable.

  • Sponge: A sponge can be used just about anywhere for cleaning. Whether for scrubbing and cleaning the kitchen countertop or wiping down the bathroom sink, a sponge is incredibly useful. Always stock up on sponges that have abrasive surfaces on one side and microfiber surfaces on the other side. Such sponges help to scrub and clean surfaces.
  • Scrub brush: For surfaces like the bathroom floor or sink that require scrubbing, a scrub brush is a must.
  • Microfiber cloth: Just like a sponge, a microfiber cloth can be used just about anywhere. The main advantage of a cloth is that it can clean any surface without leaving scratch marks, so your family heirloom mahogany coffee table is safe!
  • Squeegee: Squeegees are great for cleaning glass doors, windows and shower enclosures. They can completely eliminate mold from shower doors. Spray some cleaning solution onto the glass surface and wipe it down with a squeegee to make it look crystal clear. Power squeegees are also available, which make chores even easier.
  • Spray bottle: Keep a spray bottle handy so that you can fill it with whichever solution you need. Alternatively, you can keep one bottle to fill with water and a spare bottle to fill with homemade cleaning solutions.
  • Old toothbrush: Always keep an old toothbrush handy. You never know when (or even how) you may need one. It can be used to scrub and clean the grout in your bathroom and every nook and cranny elsewhere in your home.
  • Vacuum cleaner: The king of all cleaning gadgets, the vacuum cleaner, is a must-have in all houses. It can be used to dust and clean not only the floor and tiles but also the sofa, carpet, blinds and even the curtains. Invest in a cordless vacuum, and your task becomes even easier.


  • Storage caddy: Storage caddies can be used to organize all your cleaning supplies, including brooms, brushes, cloths and sponges, so that you can easily grab whichever tool you need. As an added bonus, storage caddies also save space.

In addition to the items listed above, cleaning solutions for various rooms – be it the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom – are also essential for every house. These solutions can either be bought commercially or made at home using eco-friendly products. Make sure that you stock up on all these gadgets before moving in, as they’re required for move-in cleaning as well.

When you create your cleaning toolkit using these gadgets, you’ll feel better knowing you’re equipped to handle any mess that might come your way – and that you’re helping to keep your new home squeaky clean.