In many homes, pets are part of the family. Although pets are friendly, loving, and great to cuddle with, it can be a challenge to keep your home tidy while caring for a shedding, drooling fur machine. Pet hair, accidents and unpleasant odors are just a few of the problems homeowners with pets face.

Here are a few tips for pet-proofing your home to keep it clean

Manage pet hair

A major problem for pet owners is the ever-present pet hair all over the house. This is especially the case if canines and felines are part of your family. Place an old cloth or towel in places where your pets are likely to sit, like on the floor or the sofa. Occasionally shake it out before tossing it into the wash.

Groom your pet

If you take your dog for regular walks, remember to keep a bowl of water just outside the door. Each time you return from your walk, wash the dog’s paws in the water and towel dry them. This way you can prevent dirt from entering your house. You can also trim the dog’s nails regularly so that they don’t leave any scratch marks on smooth surfaces. Also, groom the fur to keep pet hair from collecting around the house.

Work on stains immediately

If your pet has stained the carpet or floor, start cleaning it right away. Blot the area dry with a paper towel and clean it with a mixture of dish liquid and soap. Continue cleaning and blotting until the carpet is clean.

Pet-proof your upholstery

Pet hair and stains can be quite visible on upholstery. To avoid this, buy upholstery that can be easily cleaned and does not allow pet hair to stick to it. Top-grain, semi-aniline leather would be the right choice. For fabric upholstery, go for microfiber or micro-suede that can withstand rough usage.

Use a mat

Place a mat under your pet’s food bowls so that food particles don’t fall on the floor. Then clean the mat regularly. You can also have multiple mats on hand and rotate them every time one needs to be cleaned.

Keeping your pet-filled home tidy doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Using these simple tips will help keep your house neat and clean, furry friends and all.