One of the most necessary appliances in households is the vacuum cleaner. Whether you’re dusting the blinds or cleaning the sofa, a vacuum cleaner is required for most cleanups. But did you know there are other tasks your vacuum cleaner can perform? Yes, a vacuum cleaner can be used for plenty of purposes, cleaning and otherwise.

Freshen up the house:

While you’re cleaning the carpet or sofa, drop a few cotton balls dipped in essential oil inside the vacuum cleaner bag. This will release a sweet and refreshing smell throughout the room.

Remove carpet dents:

One of the main problems that comes with placing furniture on carpets is carpet dents. To remove these dents, place an ice cube onto each of the dents. As the ice melts, the water will bring the carpet fiber back to its original form. Vacuum the spot to restore the carpet’s original fluffy look.

Purify plush items:

Things like pillows and sofas develop a pungent smell after repeated use. To remove the odor, sprinkle some baking soda over the item and let it sit for at least one hour, then vacuum the area thoroughly.

Inflate air mattresses:

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pump to inflate an air mattress! Some vacuum cleaners have a “blow” function in addition to the “suck” function, which you can use to blow air into your mattress. If your vacuum is equipped with a vacuum bag, remove it and hook up a long nozzle to the hole from which you removed the bag. Turn on the vacuum and blow air into your mattress.

Find lost items:

If you’ve lost a small object, like an earring or a pin, you can use your vacuum cleaner to track it down. Attach pantyhose to the end of the vacuum cleaner hose and slowly vacuum the entire area. The lost item will get stuck in the pantyhose.

Remove icky Play-Doh from carpet:

Before cleaning up Play-Doh, first let it dry completely. Then simply vacuum it up.

Clean computer keyboards:

To clean a keyboard, attach a ketchup bottle nozzle to the end of the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy to glide the cleaner in between the keys and remove debris.

Clean pets:

Instead of brushing your pet’s fur, run a vacuum cleaner over its body. This will remove all the loose hairs.

woman grooming dog with handheld vacuum cleaner

When used wisely, a vacuum cleaner can be used for a variety of purposes, both cleaning and otherwise. And that makes your task much easier.