Selling a house can be a cumbersome task for many. Even if the real estate market is at its peak, you may not be able to strike the deal you would expect. However, do you know that it is not always the physical structure and amenities inside the house that make the difference for prospective buyers? As a reputable real estate agent would tell you, it’s actually the way you organize and maintain the home that plays a significant role in boosting up the offers for your house. Therefore, you should follow every cleaning tip you can find for selling your house.

Here are a few simple cleaning tips to sell your house faster:

Clean the clutter

A cluttered house has a high chance of getting rejected by the prospective buyers. While your kid’s artwork and vacation photographs are treasured possessions for you, it may not be so for others. Remove all your personal items that create clutter like photographs, toys, and even your clothes. Focus on making your home decorations “neutral” and inviting.

Clean the windows and curtains

An unclean window and curtain are going to create a bad impression in the mind of the prospects. Wipe down the windows with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Use a squeegee to make the glass crystal clear. Wash the curtain and dip it in a fabric conditioner. Using conditioner will make the curtain not only clean but smelling pleasant to make that great first impression that you’re looking for.

Clean your bathroom

Your prospects are sure to check out your bathroom, and you do not want it to be in bad condition. Apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on the grout and clean it with a toothbrush. Next, combine water and white vinegar and spray the mixture on the shower glass door and wipe it down with a squeegee.

Clean the kitchen

Remove all the clutter from your kitchen and neatly stack up the cabinet. If there is any grime or dirt on the countertops, remember to wipe those down. Though your prospects are least concerned about your trash, they will notice any lingering odors; be sure to empty your garbage cans before any showings. You can even place a few fresh herbs on the window sill for fragrance and added beauty.


Clean the carpet

The carpet can change the overall look of the room and make it look warmer and inviting. If you have any carpeted rooms, make sure to get those floors cleaned by professionals before the prospects visit your house. Additionally, remember to vacuum it on a regular basis so that the carpet remains spotless.

Make your house a home for buyers

The first impression is the best impression which is especially true while selling the house. Try to create an impact in the mind of your prospects by making them feel like they would want to live there. You could even place a vase of fresh flowers on the coffee and dining tables for added effect. Try arranging a potpourri of dry flowers or diffusing your favorite essential oil. You could even light a scented candle to provide a fresh and clean feel to your house.

If you find home staging to be difficult, don’t stress, and opt for hiring professional cleaners to make your house spic and span and ready for sale.