Saving water has become a top priority for all of us. Global warming, and the fast drying up of lakes and rivers both calls for the need to conserve water. Though 70% of the earth is covered by water only less than 1% is fit for human consumption.

Water conservation starts at home. As the saying goes, “every drop counts”. Thus, it is our responsibility to ensure that the water used for our day-to-day consumption is always at a low level.

Here are few cleaning hacks that will help you save water at home.


  • Always fill water in a tub and use it for washing fruits and vegetables. Never use running water to wash them as this a huge waste of water.
  • Use a dishwasher for washing dishes. The modern-day dishwashers use less water when compared to washing by hand. Remember, however, to run a full load to conserve both water and electricity.
  • When using a washing machine, adjust the water level to the level of the load. If the dishwasher won’t allow for an adjustment, then it will be best to run at full capacity.
  • For cleaning greasy pots and pans, instead of scrubbing them under running water, soak them in soapy water. Soaking not only makes cleaning easier for you, it will save water because you will be able to remove the grease more efficiently.
  • While cleaning your microwave, instead of using only water for wiping, place a mixture of water and vinegar and microwave on high for few minutes. The water-vinegar mix will loosen all the dirt, which will then be easily wiped out with a microfiber cloth. This helps in saving water as well as time.
  • Cleaning stains off the cutting board can be tough. Instead of cleaning it under running water, sprinkle some salt and rub it with half a lemon. This helps in removing the stains.


  • Clean the bathroom tub while you are taking bath. You can reuse the water for cleaning. This will not only save water but also your time.


  • When washing your car, there are lot of commercially available products that help in cleaning and waxing the car without actually using water. You can use such products to save water. If you absolutely require water to clean your car, make sure that you wash it on grass so that the water is not wasted.
  • For cleaning your garage, reuse the kitchen water that was used for cleaning vegetables.
  • For cleaning your driveway, use a broom instead of a hose.
  • While cleaning a fish tank, do not throw away the dirty water. Use it to water the plants.

The best way to save water on cleaning is to use water efficient cleaning appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. Also, make sure that all taps are working properly and that there is no leakage. Additionally, cleaning all the fitting and appliances in your home on a regular basis will ensure that you use less water and every drop is saved.