Cleaning your swimming pool when you want to take a tip is obviously important, but what about the months during the off-season? You need to be sure your pool is maintained properly year-round, which will make the job much easier and save money.

Here are few ways to ensure that your pool remains neat and clean even during the winter months.

Clean the pool

First, skim the surface of the pool using a pool skimmer so that there is nothing floating around. Next, clean the pool surface thoroughly using a vacuum. The surface should also be scrubbed with a brush to prevent algae growth.

Fight the algae

One of the biggest problems of stagnant water is the growth of algae. To prevent algae growth, use an algaecide or algaestat that stays in water for a long time. On the last day of using the pool, add algaecide to the water and run the pump for a day. This will circulate it all over the pool.

Check the fittings in your pool

Before closing down the pool for winter, you need to check the pipe and motor. Drain all the pumps, filter, and pool heater. Also, make sure to reduce the water level to 4-6 inches below the pool skimmer.

If proper draining is not done, then the water will freeze as the temperature dips. This can lead to cracking of pipes.

Cover the pool

It is essential to cover the pool during winter months to protect it from debris and snow. Secure the cover properly so that there is no gap. If the pool is above ground, the air pillow should be inflated so that it can hold up the cover. The cover should be free from any plants or debris. Also, remember to remove water from the pool cover because it might freeze and damage the cover.

Check the pool chemistry

Pool chemistry refers to the pH balance of the water, such as the measure of acidic and basic components of water. The pool chemistry should be checked once a week during the winter to ensure that the balance is maintained. If the pH level of the water is more acidic, then it can result in the corrosion of the pool surface. On the other hand, if the pH balance is basic, then the water becomes cloudy, which means debris and scaling can occur.

Use Technology

In order to protect the pool and prevent the pipes and equipment from cracking, you should be highly alert. Use a digital timer with a temperature sensor to notify you when the temperature reaches the dangerous level. You can also use a weather app to stay alert about weather fluctuation.

Taking all the necessary precautions during winter helps you in saving a lot of money in possible pool repairs.