Low cost and multifunctional paper towels are widely used nowadays in every household. It has become a common habit for many to grab a paper towel for each spill in the home. Studies have shown that paper towel consumption in the U.S. is now close to 312 million dollars annually and is increasing. Just imagine the amount of waste that piles up every year!

What can we do about this? How do we cut back on paper towels without compromising the ease of cleaning up? Here are a few interesting ways you can reduce paper towel consumption and still keep your house neat and clean.

  • Use cloth napkins and towels: Next time you host a dinner, do not place a box of paper napkins on the table. Instead, place cloth napkins. The cleaning up job can be tedious but worth the financial savings in the long run. Similarly, hang a cloth towel near the sink. Every time you wash your hands, use the cloth towel to dry.
  • Use a sponge: In the event there is a spill on the table or kitchen counter, use a sponge to soak it up. You can then clean the area with a cloth napkin.
  • Reuse old clothes: If you have old bed sheets or curtains lying around, cut out small pieces from them and use them to clean the kitchen and wipe the dishes. This way you are not only reducing the use of paper towels but also reusing old clothes.
  • Use a duster: Whenever you dust your furniture, use a duster instead of a paper towel. You could also use old bed sheets and pillowcases to do this.
  • Use a newspaper:¬†Using a newspaper to clean glass may be a myth for some, but older generations were right to do so. If you want a sparkling mirror, use old newspaper to wipe and clean it instead of a paper towel. For window cleaning, Squeegees are extremely effective.
  • Say no to paper towels and napkins: Next time you order a takeaway meal from the restaurant, tell the staff beforehand not to provide any paper towels.

The best way to reduce the use of paper towels is to stock up on less of them from the store. It’s close to impossible to cut back on paper towel consumption all of a sudden. Go slowly. Next time you go shopping, buy one roll less or a smaller pack of them. Instead of a paper towel, stock up on cloth napkins, microfiber cloths and bar mop cloths. This way you can gradually phase out the use of paper towels from your home. If you use a budget, track the savings from this change and be amazed!